Thank you Ola share!!! 

Thank you for the most weird ride. It started with not the driver but my number being shared with my co passenger who called me to ask me if I don’t mind waiting for the cab another 10 mins as he is at a cross road where a left would take him home and a right will take him away from his home. I couldn’t argue with the guy who randomly got my number from a company that promises me they will not disclose my number to random people other than the 10000 employees. So in the totally confusion I said fine just go home and then send the cab to me. Thankfully the driver came in another 10 mins and stopped another 10mins walk away. So I have to thank you for making sure I am fit and get some exercise. The driver was kind enough to follow directions but while talking to his girlfriend the whole 30mins ride. I have to tell you the poor guy is harassed by a friend for money and is bullied. I usually don’t like eves dropping but my phone’s full volume was not loud enough for the super high decimal he was at in a match box wagonr. Then came in my other co passenger who smells of gutka and booze so bad that I wished that the car didn’t have ac in Mumbai heat. That in itself is saying a fucking lot. Then mr. Co passenger upped his game by removing his smelly feet out of the shoes that he has worn till the 1st dinosaur was born on Mother Earth. So one side I had a teenager trying to up his game with his girlfriend by thrashing a competitor teen. And the other end was extortion call riddled with flowery language and a drunk friend who was partying. So I was analysing how god must me showing me what I felt 10 years ago and who I will be at 20 years ahead. So am eternally grateful for ola share for adding another existential crises to my already long list. 


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