10 reasons I am a picky eater…

Let’s dive right into it …

1- I love the fact that I can eat only one percent of food everyone else can … dude at least I don’t have to choose for the whole menu.. I can only pick from the 2 things… who likes having options

2- I love it when my parents scramble to figure out my food… it’s so much fun to trouble your parents who are senior citizens now.. who wants them to be happy and worry free.

3- I am so glad that the only thing I am is thin and difficult. Who wants people to think I am a good psychologist or a good and intelligent person.. no no those internal aspect of me are truly as irrelevant as my educational degree or my professional development.

4- one awesome advantage of being a picky eater is my size has remained that of a 12 year old. Who likes shopping from adult sections, Where no sales person giggle at each other and point at you. Come on where else will I get that attention and it’s so flattering when people laugh at you !!! Yes that’s the thing I live for !!!

5- I simply love meeting relatives, all they talk about is me … for long hours .. discussing how I am difficult, and won’t have a future or will have ailments in my future or how I will live alone or I don’t deserve love or companionship. Yes that’s the kind of attention … thank god they don’t ever discuss my work achievements or my personal growth or if I am loveable/ likeable ..

6- ailments !!!! yes that’s what I am aiming for , that I get a butt loads on ailments as I grow up…. please being health is so passé… I want joint pains and weak bones and bad stomachache… isn’t that what we all aim for ?? Being sick every 3 months….

7 – being hungry !!! I love to starve myself !! Simply love it !! After a long day of 8 hours of talking while I am on my feet.. working with adults and figuring out solutions to mental health concerns .. please nor me or my brain needs any food .. I look Forward to seeing food and saying no to it.. don’t we all like denying something basics!!!!

8- I love it when my people hold my hand and measure it, touch my midriff and feel my ribs, love it when they can pick me up … come on who needs personal space when you can enjoy being body shamed !!! I hate all these women who are trying to change people and say body shaming is wrong … are you kidding me women.. body shaming is the best for of attention. They talk about every flaw in you in such detail !!! Where else will you get someone who cares so much that they point out each things about you that you hate !!!

9- being rejected !!! When people you love reject your love and you cause you don’t eat !!! That’s love !! That’s care more than I can imagine !! Don’t we all love a good reject!!!

10- I can’t thank people enough for the anxiety… the fact my self esteem is all low because of something that I need to do 3 times a day!! Let’s do this about breathing next !!! Let’s talk about all the things I am doing wrong about breathing. Please make it so so awkward for me that I can’t do it in public !!! that I will have to think twice before I take a breath or it’s not something I can be grateful about every !!!!

I am writing not to defend my eating habits. I am writing so you see that picky eating is not a life style choice. I don’t decide that I am going to make my parents life hell, and eat only one percent of the food available. It’s no fun to have no choice of options.

We all have that one vegetable that puts our mood off when we see it sitting next to our roti, and no matter how much our mom talks it up or tries to sell it .. it’s never a pleasure to eat. Picky eating is not fun… please don’t make it the only aspect of me.. please


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